Toddler Time: Off and On

This is one of Little Brother’s favorite games. He pulls up the stool and turns the light on and off, all the while I’m saying “On” and “Off” respectively.

Simple? Yes. Emphasizing language development and antonyms (opposites)? Yes and yes.





  1. I did something similar with my youngest son a couple of months ago. He was having fun turning a fan on and off…so I started saying “On” and “Off” each time. We had fun together…he enjoyed playing with mommy and I enjoyed teaching him something new. :-)

  2. My son loved light switches. So much so that I was worried that we are sending out some morse code messages with the porch light! =) I was only hoping that the messages didn’t say anything bad =)

  3. We do this all the time! I love seeing the big smile on my son’s face when realizes that he’s the one making the lights change.

  4. My almost 2 year old son loves to do this too! Thanks for reinforcing that it’s educational.

    By the way…GREAT post on MSM today!! :)

  5. This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! I am a teacher as well and am at home with my son until I can get some work…wishing I could just stay home but that is not in the cards for now!

    Anyways, he loves this game as well and it is quite amusing to me just how long he will play it :)

  6. Love the educational tie in. My son loves to do this. It totally ruins our lightbulbs (they are some special low energy ones?)… so I only let him do it when my husband isn’t home! LOL :)

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