31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers


In January of 2016, I shared a 31-day series on Indoor Activities for Toddlers. We had such a great time that I decided it was time to do a companion series of 31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers! And in all honesty, I desperately need some accountability for doing activities with my daughter (3 years old) during this hectic month of field trips and crazy school schedules!


Starting today (May 1st), I will be starting a new series featuring 31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers! Some toddler ideas will be simple and some will be more complex, but all will be fun and outdoors…even in the midst of the crazy weather that May in Midwest sometimes brings!


Many activities will be shared as new posts on the blog, but some will only be shared on Instagram. If you aren’t already following me, you can find me here. You can also follow the hashtag #31daysofOutdoorToddlerFun. Please also use the hashtag to tag your own photos as you participate with us!


I’ll update this landing page as each new idea is shared!


Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

1. Color Hop for Toddlers

2. Spring Suncatchers

3. Rainy Day Art with Chalk and Oil



Outdoor Activities for Toddlers


 4.Outdoor Tree Bark Rubbings

5. Scooping and Sorting Lids

6. Planting Flowers



Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

7. Wagon Riding with Cousins

8. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

9. Outdoor Sticky Mural for Toddlers



31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

10. Puddle Jumping

11. Duct Tape Bracelet

12. Dirt and Worms Sensory Tub



31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

13. Playing in the Backyard

14. Playing at the Park

15. Outdoor Alphabet Match for Toddlers



31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

16. Nature Impressions in Playdough

17. Color Walk with Color Paddles

18. Treasure Map Capital and Lowercase Matching Activity



19. Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

20. Bicycle Spin Art

21. Digging for Bugs



31 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

22. Sidewalk Chalk Roller Painting

23. Drip-Drop Painting

24:  How to Make Giant Bubbles



31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

25. Fine Motor Bird Feeder

26. Trip to the Zoo!

27. Toddler Golf




31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

28. Whipped Topping Painting (and Paint Fight)

29. Alphabet Target Practice with Water Guns

30. Water Soaker Painting for Toddlers

31. Outdoor Slider Counting


31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

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  1. Hi Jena

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am planning to open a preschool in Africa and a lot of information you shared can be modified to be used here in Africa. Thanks! We have nine months of lovely weather and the outdoor activities are perfect! Thank you!

  2. Amazing idea. Kids love to play in outdoor. I think Kids will like it so much. It’s a great fun to spend summer for kids. I like it so much. I want provide water activities for my kids fun. Thank for such a nice ideas. Really nice blog.

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