Spring Suncatchers

Spring Suncatchers


It’s Day 2 of our 31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers series and today we took a stroll around the yard and collected tons of beautiful treasures to create our very own Spring Suncatchers. We were inspired by this Laced Leaf Suncatchers post from the fall written by my contributing writer Amy.

This activity will probably be one of the most labor-intensive of the series and it will require parent participation. Also, please make sure that you keep hold of the bag holding the nature “treasures” so that they don’t end up in your child’s mouth. Finally, not all of today’s activity was spent outside…we put the suncatcher together inside. But we definitely enjoyed our time collecting beautiful items from nature!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Various flowers, leaves, and petals

Contact Paper

Hole Punch



Bag to put nature “treasures”


1. Head out on a hunt to find beautiful treasures in nature. We found some pretty flowers, petals,  and leaves!


2. Gather your items in your bag.




3. Make sure you grab some sticks too. We have tons of large tress in our yard, so finding sticks is never a problem for us. If necessary, you can always use popsicle sticks to create your frame!


Spring Suncatcher

4. Dump all your treasures onto a table.


Spring Suncatcher

5. Cut some contact paper out. Make it double the length (or width) so that you can just fold it on top of itself when you are done placing your flowers.


Spring Suncatcher

6. Trim the edges of the contact paper. We were so excited to see that the peony leaves we picked looked like hearts!


Spring Suncatcher

7. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each corner of the contact paper.


Spring Suncatcher

8. Tie the contact paper onto the twigs using string.


Spring Suncatcher

9. Trim the excess string.



Spring Suncatcher

10. Hang and enjoy!




Spring Suncatchers



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