Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder



Happy Monday! Today is Day 8 of our 31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers challenge! We had a super busy weekend but were excited to make these cute Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders. We brought all of our materials outside and assembled them at my mom’s house!


We originally made these bird feeders years ago when I first started blogging as an activity for our Days of Creation unit (we also made them using pine cones too). They are so simple to make and such a great way to recycle old toilet paper rolls!


Here’s what you’ll need:


Cardboard Rolls (from either toilet paper or paper towels)

Peanut Butter

Spatula to spread

A flat tray

Hole Punch



*I found it was easiest to go ahead and hole punch the toilet paper rolls before beginning.


Making a toilet roll bird feeder

1. Let your child spread the peanut butter onto the toilet paper roll. Inevitably, more peanut butter ended up in Little Sister’s mouth than on the toilet paper roll. :)


Spreading peanut butter on toilet paper roll bird feeder



Rolling Toilet Paper Roll bird feeder

2. Spread some seed onto a tray and let your child roll the toilet paper roll (now covered in peanut butter) into the birdseed.



TP Roll Bird Feeder



Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

3. Attach a string and let your little one start searching for just the right tree to hang it on!


Hanging Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder on Tree



DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Now we get to look for all the birds (and inevitably squirrels) who will enjoy a nice snack!



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