Color Hop for Toddlers

Color Hop for Toddlers


Today is the first day of our 31 Days of Outdoor Toddler Activities series! Just this morning I wasn’t sure this series was going to happen…I got stuck in a tiny town overnight due to a blizzard (yes, on May 1!!!) after attending my first blogging conference. I drove once the roads were opened up and got home this afternoon…just in time for some outdoor fun!


This activity could not be easier. All you need is assorted colors of chalk!


1. Draw your colors in circles on the pavement using the sidewalk chalk.


Color Hop for Toddlers

2. Make a grid of colors…or you could even make a circle.


Color Hop for Toddlers

3. Call out a color and encourage your child to hop onto that color.


Color Hop for Toddlers

Keep playing, hopping and dancing!



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31 Days of Outdoor Toddler Activities



  1. Amazing! It’s too taught to start a baby for reading. I am worried about my 4 years kids study. How can i inspire him to read. How can can i make reading interesting for him. He is never interested for reading even not to go to school. Thanks for nice idea. This toddle learning activities really interesting for baby. Thanks for such a lovely ideas.

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