Printable Cereal Sorting Mat

Printable Cereal Sorting Mat


Today is Day 15 of our 31 Days of Indoor Fun for Toddlers series and we had a little fun with cereal. We used Froot Loops (don’t judge) for this super simple sorting activity. :)


Sorting is such a beneficial cognitive development activity for toddlers and preschoolers because it first requires the child to identify objects and then classify those objects based on similarities and differences. A lot of wheels turning in the brain for something that seems so simple!


Download our Printable Cereal Sorting Mat.


After I printed out the mat, I laminated it so that we can use it over and over again!


Printable Cereal Sorting Mat

Give your child the cereal and the mat and let him/her get busy! Inevitably, your child will end up eating just as much as she is sorting, but that is sort of the point. :)


Printable Cereal Sorting Mat

Little Sister needed some assistance from me, but did a lot of the sorting on her own.


Printable Cereal Sorting Mat

This simple activity offers a great opportunity to review color names.



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