Rainbow Discovery Bottles for Babies

Rainbow Discovery Bottles for babies- so many fun ideas

Little Sister is at such a fun age…she is so curious about everything! A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law gave her a water bottle to play with during church and she had so much fun watching the water slosh back and forth. And later that day, she grabbed a spice bottle from my cabinets to play with (which reminded me of her brother at about the same age). So I thought it would be fun to make bottles that she could hold with various contents.


There are so many possibilities for these Rainbow Discovery Bottles! I was inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose and Fun at Home with Kids for ours. Some of the bottles make noise:  the rice, beads, and (oddly enough) the waterbeads! Some are just fun to look at (baby oil and corn syrup). But ALL of them are fun to play with and to talk about colors, shapes, and sounds!


Please note:  These should only be played with when your child is being closely monitored. Never leave your child alone with these discovery bottles. I would recommend gluing the tops of the lids so that they cannot break open.


Here is what you’ll need:  

Contents of Rainbow Discovery Bottles


4 oz. plastic bottles with lids


colored rice (follow these instructions)

baby oil and colored water

Miniature pony beads

Corn Syrup


Pony Beads



IMG_3585   IMG_3589   IMG_3599


The boys are equally as enamored with our discovery bottles. They think the red one is the coolest one of all because the waterbeads make such a funny noise when you shake them!


Rainbow Discover Bottles for Babies




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