The Perfect Shaker for a Little Spice Stealer

Little Brother (13 months) has been obsessed with taking my spices out of the kitchen cabinet and carrying them around the house. I still have yet to find my bottle of homemade vanilla.

They really are the perfect size of bottles to hold in his little hands. So in addition to recruiting Prince Charming to install baby-proof latches on my lazy-susan, I also am going to make a couple of “shakers” just for him. All I did was add some beans and colorful pom-poms to a clean spice container.

I was going to put this into Little Brother’s stocking for the 12 Days of Christmas, but after he continued to get into my spice cabinet OVER and OVER again, I just gave in and gave it to him right then and there.

I think he’s pretty excited! :)


  1. Cute! We're having lazy susan troubles here, too. You should see the floor of my kitchen right now! Rotel, apple butter, canned stuff…all rolling around, courtesy of Talia. It does help when I'm trying to make something though. Like now I just got done making the dough for your favorite sugar cookies! :)

  2. That's awesome! My littlest one (almost two) keeps getting the cinnamon, removing the top, and walking around the house licking it. Ack!

    At least that's better than when he drinks the rabbit's water. . .

  3. Love it. Your little one is just darling! I made some of these for my son (then 9 months) before we went on a cross country road trip to keep him entertained in the car and he loved them. I still keep a couple in the diaper bag. He especially loves the one made from one of those little tin spice holders as it makes a great rattling sound! :o)

  4. Thanks for the stocking stuffer idea…my 13-month old's stocking is pretty bare but we can't justify buying any more "stuff" that she probably will just toss aside anyhow!

    PS: Love the design of your blog!

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, hes adorable. I like to use bottles too. The pom poms will be a good addition. Thanks for sharing. How SWEET! Lisa:)

  6. Sometimes the simple ideas they love the most and the least inexpensive but don’t tell Fisher Price, and alll the other kids brand toys!
    My 3 yr old of last Sunday has always love the cupboards and still does it he has toys not a great amaount I would say as why buy he rather play with cans or the implenments in the drawer like the tongs or egg timer a large spoon or some ohter odd gadget u hardly use!

    Love that u where going to put it the stocking I would so do this too rather than spend lots of money on lots of things We get one good thing and a few little things but if I can make it yah!!!
    Making a bed rail at the moment which will have Shaun the sheep on it! I wonder if my 3.5 mnth old will be into the cupboards too probably Had cornflour the other day all over the low line cabinet, tv and floor!!
    Your ltitle boy is very cute!

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