First Fingerpainting

Little Brother woke up early from his nap yesterday, which meant that we had some very rare one-on-one time while Big Brother was still asleep.

I’ve heard of using yogurt (or pudding) as fingerpaint for very young children and thought we would give it a try.

All you need is yogurt…and preferably a baby clothed in a diaper only. :)



I would recommend letting the yogurt sit on the counter for 15-20 minutes prior to starting the activity. I took it straight from the refrigerator and I don’t think Little Brother liked the coldness!


After several minutes, he’s finally trying again. By the end, he really liked it…


…and he liked to taste of it too. :)

Perhaps your child enjoys participating in “fingerpainting” on a daily basis…but it isn’t necessarily an intentional learning activity. Rest assured that at least he is getting some sensory exposure from that mess he’s making. :)


  1. I love this idea, BUT… I am really careful about teaching my little girl how to act when eating. I'm not sure I would actually do this because I don't want her to think it is ok to play with her food. Especially since she eats yogurt all the time! I probably need to lighten up!!

  2. Last night, I mixed plain yogurt with hot cocoa mix for my (almost) 15 month old daughter. She loved it! At first it was perfect, she was swirling it around and moving her fingers to make shapes. The end was also fun, but messy for me to clean up most of the kitchen, her and her high chair. She was pounding the tray like a drum (she frequently does that anyway). Then she discovered that it's edible. It was too hilarious! I would like to do this on a daily basis, but if I did, it would be a smaller amount.

  3. Even after your messy play your son looks cleaner than my daughter on a regular day after a meal time.

    I figured that I could kill two birds with one stone (messy play and eating) so don't really mind if she gets her fingures in her food as long as some of it goes in her mouth.

    I discovered over the weekend that she knows the work "hair" beause I asked her why she has so much avocado in her hair and she pointed to it. Very funny.

  4. Love this idea. I’ve heard of shaving cream for toddlers, this would be awesome. Especially, now that my 10 month old son is loving to hold the spoon, he can “dig”. :)

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