Cloth Pull

Have you ever walked into a room and quickly realized that your child has pulled out every single baby wipe from the wipes container??? Or how about going to the bathroom and seeing the entire contents of the toilet paper roll strewn on the floor???

Sound familiar? Yeah…me too. There’s something about pulling these common household items that is absolutely enchanting to a wee one! Or perhaps it’s just the fact that they know they’re being mischievous. ;)

This activity allows your child to pull to their heart’s content…without wasting anything and with much less mess!

Here’s what you’ll need:  an empty wipes container and a few long, thin strips of scrap fabric.

1. Neatly lay the piece(s) of fabric in the wipes container.
2. Pull the top piece through the opening and then shut the top.
3. Let your little one press the “button” to open the tab and then begin pulling out the fabric.
Big Brother decided to use the pieces of fabric as scarves to wave in the air while Little Brother drank his milk.
“I’ve got to be a man like Daddy.” Apparently, wearing a tie is a rite of passage for manhood in the eyes of Big Brother.

My friend Crystal also said that her 20-month old little boy loves putting his toys in the wipes containers…especially the Huggies kind that has the rubber gripper!


  1. What a great activity for a little guy that loves to get into things. Sammy always wanted to pull the wipes. I let him pull them when I was changing his diaper and hand them to me.. in hopes it would help him get over the urge.. I think this works even better!

  2. a.we.some! I seriously need activities for my 17-month-old. He's bored and therefore wants to hang on me all the time. I'm off to the dollar store for a wipes box, thanks!

  3. My 16 month old's newest form of entertainment is to rip toilet paper into itty bitty teeny weeny pieces and throw them in the toilet. I think he'd like this wipe container idea!

  4. Soo funny you post this as I just made 3 of these for my 14 mos old for Xmas. One has shapes, another has colors and the third has different textured fabric pieces. I think my 3 year old will love them too!

  5. This is nice! My 26 month old still loves doing this…So I am going to go ahead and still do this exercise with her…I still walk into the room and find wipes outside the box! :)

  6. Please just keep in mind that if left unattended, there can be the risk of the child getting it wrapped around his neck. Just a little precaution.

  7. I made this as entertainment for my 1yo on a long car ride. It was a huge hit! My 4yo loved it too. Thanks for the great idea!

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