Do-A-Dot Number Activity

These Do-A-Dot Markers are so cool…and they’re especially wonderful for pre-writers. Big Brother got a set for Valentines Day and has played with them for at least a couple hours already.

I apologize this is sideways…I changed the orientation and Blogger keeps auto changing it back! So frustrating!

The thing I love about them is that they are so versatile and they allow your child to learn the correct formation of numbers/letters before having to have the fine motor control to actually write them. No, this isn’t a product review…I’m just really impressed.

There are all sorts of printable do-a-dot activities around the web but, let’s face it, I typically don’t plan ahead…so I just made my own!

Just divide a paper into 6 sections. Write the numeral (with a star where your child should start) and then the corresponding number of dots (about the size of a penny).

Let your child get started! You would have thought this was the greatest activity in the world…Big Brother kept asking to do more and more! I tried to get him to do one number in each color,but he really wanted to do them all in his favorite color (yellow).

Not only is this a great activity for teaching number formation and recognition, it is also reiterating one-to-one correspondence (the knowledge that the number 1 corresponds to 1 object).


  1. Did this with my just-turned 4-year old twin boys. Did numbers 1-12 and didn't have the dot pens so I cut out circles. While I was prepping the project the boys, they were digging coins out of their piggybanks so I let them put coins on the circles to buy me some time. They had fun doing that and we talked about the value of the coins too! When it was time to glue, they were so excited!! The project took on a life of its own! Thank you for the GREAT idea!

  2. I have done something similar by just writing the number and letting my son put that many dots in each box, but I love your way better!

  3. Just wanted to say your site is amazing! I am going to school for occupational therapy and I stumbled upon your site while writing a paper and you have so many awesome ideas. Can’t wait to use these activities with clients. Great work!!

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