Ten Apples Up on Top Fine Motor Activity


Our boys recently re-discovered the book Ten Apples Up on Topas it had been misplaced for a couple years now! While reading it to them, I was reminded of when we made our own Ten Apples Up on Top model using an oatmeal can and an egg carton several years ago. It was one of Big Brother’s favorite activities for quite some time but had long since been destroyed.


I knew I wanted to make a new activity inspired by this adorable book and was inspired by this Caps for Sale activity from Munchkins and Moms. The Ten Apples Up on Top Fine Motor Activity is perfect for a thematic unit on apples or for welcoming a new kiddo to class.


(Edited to Add:  It was brought to my attention that a nearly identical activity was previously done at Mom Inspired Life. You can check out that post here.)


Here’s what you’ll need:

Ten Apples Up on Top Printable

Paint Stir Stick (they gave me one for free at Sherwin Williams)

10 Clothespins

Double-Sided Tape

Laminator (optional)



1. Print and laminate the Ten Apples Up on Top Printable (it looks a teensy bit different from mine…I made the apples just a little bit smaller and only included 10 instead of the 11 shown above).




2. Cut out the apples and use your double-sided tape to secure the apples onto each clothespin. Attach a picture of your child at the bottom. If using this for a classroom, I would suggest putting a Velcro dot on the bottom of the paint stick and then allowing students to attach their own photo for this activity.



3. Have your child act out the story by putting apples on top of his/her head.


IMG_2600 (1)Pinching the clothespin is great for your child’s fine motor development!







Little Brother thought this was pretty fun!


Ten Apples Up on Top Fine Motor Activity




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