Beaded Snowflakes

 Beaded Snowflake

Big Brother is a bit under the weather, so making this beaded snowflake was the perfect activity to do to take a break from all the TV watching! This is the fine motor activity for our snow thematic unit.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Fuzzy sticks (aka pipe cleaners) and pony beads…both of which were sent to me free from our wonderful sponsor,

1. Arrange 3 white pipe cleaners into a basic snowflake shape.

2. Twist them together at the center.

3. Pick out all the white beads you can possibly find.

4. Let your child get busy adding the white beads to each strand!

We chose to add 10 beads to each strand. It became an excellent activity in one-to-one correspondence as well!

5. Twist the ends of each “strand” into a loop shape…or let your child choose a different design.

(Side note:  At this point in time, Little Brother was really wanting to participate. I knew he didn’t have the attention span to finish an entire snowflake (nor did we have any more white fuzzy sticks), so I just gave him his own pipe cleaner and a few beads and let him have it. He LOVED doing this…we will be doing this frequently in the future now that he isn’t putting small objects in his mouth anymore.)

Continuing the hard work…

All done!

The boys were so excited to show their bead creations to each other!

Snowflakes are fun to make. Maybe winter isn’t so bad after all, even with its cold, yucky weather and highly contagious germs…


  1. Gotta go to the store and get this stuff. And Thanks for the post about the cups Ordered 2 of them and LOVE them;)

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