Candy Wrapper Snowflakes

This idea came to me as I was eating one of the delicious Dove chocolate truffles that Prince Charming put in my stocking. Normally, I’m not much of a chocolate eater…but these truffles are delicious. And the wrappers are beautiful, which is why I felt guilty throwing them away. :)  Big Brother was happy to help create some beautiful snowflakes!

Here’s what you’ll need:  square candy wrappers (or foil) and scissors.

1. Lay the wrapper down flat.

2. Fold it (I think I folded ours 3-4 times…I can’t remember).

3. Let your little one carefully (and with much guidance) cut pieces out of the wrapper while it is folded. I didn’t get a picture of Big Brother cutting because my hands were full trying to help him.

4. Unfold and enjoy!

Happy boy!

And Big Brother insisted that I should eat another truffle so we could make another snowflake. I decided I could sacrifice for him… :)  The other side of the wrappers are blue with beautiful snowflakes.


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