Domino Addition with Dot Markers

Domino Addition with Dot Markers


Big Brother is learning to add, so we took the opportunity to turn a traditional game of dominoes into a fun and educational activity. This domino addition with dot markers activity can also be used to teach the concept of odd and even numbers using two  different colors of dot markers.


Here’s what you’ll need:  Dominoes, Dot Markers, a regular pen or marker, and a piece of paper.



 1. Write numerals 1-12 randomly on your piece of paper. I wrote each number 4 times.





 2. Have your child draw a domino and add the two numbers together. Use the dot marker to mark the sum. This is also a great time to discuss odd and even numbers–we used orange for odd numbers and blue for even numbers.





 3. Continue playing the game, marking off the sums as you play.











This was a huge hit with Big Brother and an activity I foresee repeating many times.

And please excuse the gross pictures. A cloudy, rainy day = Absolutely no natural light. :)






  1. What a fun exercise, Jenae! Because I’m an artist, your dots and colors appeal to me immediately! May I ask how old the kids should be when they can grasp the concept of odd and even numbers? I have two children, one is 3.5 and the other 1.5.

    1. I wouldn’t begin talking about even/odd numbers until your child begins to skip count by 2’s. This is typically, but not always, in kindergarten or first grade (5 or 6 years old).

  2. I just love this activity! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m featuring it, along with one picture from your post, as part of an addition activity round up!

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