Transitioning to Chewable Food

Transitioning to Chewable Food


Helping your child navigate through all of the changes in eating during their first few years of life can be a challenge. From the breast/bottle to pureed foods and then to table food…all of these transitions can be difficult on both the baby and the parents.


Little Sister was exclusively breastfeed until we started her on pureed baby food around 6 months of age. Although she initially was hesitant, she quickly discovered that she LOVED the new variety in her diet (or maybe it was just that she loved making a mess). :)

I found baby food relatively easy because I knew her preferences and didn’t have to come up with a new meal just for her. The transition from baby food to table food, however, was a challenge. Little Sister seemed to really enjoy the pureed textures and finding more solid textures that she enjoyed was difficult. I wanted to find an option for her that could help her learn to mash and chew without having to worry about her choking…but there didn’t seem to be a middle ground between pureed fruits and veggies and soft chunks.


Until, now that is! Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits are made specifically for babies learning to chew.




Inside each of the delicious varieties is a pureed base with lots of perfectly-sized soft chunks for your child to learn mash.




Although Little Sister is much better about chewing these days, she still enjoyed Gerber’s Apple Blueberry Lil’ Bits! Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits are the perfect food for introducing to crawlers (around 8-10 months of age) to get them used to the advanced textures. Studies have shown that babies who have not been introduced to “lumpy” foods before 10 months of age have more difficulty adjusting to more advanced table food.





Gerber is launching 10 varieties of their 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits, including the Apple Blueberry and the Sweet Potato Apple Carrot & Cinnamon, which Little Sister has tried. Eighty experts spent over 120,000 hours developing these new recipes and Gerber is the only baby food company in the country to use the special cooking method that gives Lil’ Bits its perfect texture!






Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits Recipes help babies learn to chew and ease the transition to table food.

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