4 Reasons to Get Your Child’s Eyes Checked

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Four reasons to get your child's eyes checked


Vision is a critical part of learning. Without being able to see properly, it is difficult to learn to read or learn the material presented. I still remember when I was in seventh grade and was struggling in school. Math was certainly not my strongest subject but I had never had such difficulty as I did that year. I was sitting in the back of the room and could not see the equations written on the board, therefore I did not learn the formulas properly. After the students surrounding me assured me that they could see the board just fine, I realized something wasn’t right. I finally went to see the optometrist and found that my vision was actually very poor and I needed strong corrective lenses.


Although my school conducted regular vision screenings, I somehow slipped through the cracks. Once I received my contact lenses and glasses for my near-sightedness and astigmatism, I felt like I was seeing a brand new world! The details of trees, signs, and faces were astonishing. I only wish I would have known earlier how badly I needed corrective lenses!



Your child might never complain that he/she cannot see well (after all, they don’t know any different), but there are some behaviors that can indicate that your child might need an eye exam.


Here are 4 Reasons to Get Your Child’s Eyes Checked:


1. Squinting This is the most obvious sign that your child might need his/her eye’s checked. Observe your child looking at objects both near and far. If you notice them squinting, this is an indication that they most likely need an eye exam.


2. Sitting consistently close to the television/computer or holding a book close to their face. Sitting unusually close to a screen or book is a red flag that your child is unable to see.


3. Frequently rubbing of the eyes Sometimes what is assumed to be allergy issues (itchy eyes) can actually end up being a problem with vision. We had the opposite situation in our family. I took my oldest son in to the optometrist after I noticed he was rubbing his eyes frequently, especially while reading. His vision turned out to be just fine and he was having some allergy-related issues with his eyes. I am thankful that I took him in, though, as it put my mind at ease.


4. Avoiding detailed activities like coloring or puzzles. Children who are far-sighted (have difficulty seeing details close up) often avoid doing things that require detail or strong hand-eye coordination because such activities are too difficult. Before getting frustrated or jumping to the conclusion that your child is being lazy, make sure there isn’t an underlying vision problem.


AC Lens Picklez


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