How to Watch YouTube Videos Safely with Kids

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Have you ever innocently let your child watch a funny animal video on YouTube only to be appalled by the advertisements or suggested videos at the end? Have you ever watched a video and noticed the derogatory comments just inches below where your young reader’s eyes are focused?


June is Internet Safety Month. As if we don’t have enough to worry about as parents, the internet comes with all sorts of dangers for our kids. Yet it is increasingly used in homes and classrooms. One of the most unfortunate possibilities of the internet is the loss of innocence through an accidental breach of protection that could have been easily prevented.


I recently took a YouTube Learning workshop to count towards hours for my teaching license renewal. I thought I was pretty YouTube-savvy until I took this course, that is! One of the main concerns that kept running through my head while I was researching all of the great educational YouTube channels was how to protect innocent eyes…whether it is at home or in a classroom full of students. Finally, towards the end of the workshop, our instructor shared the following website…


How to Watch YouTube Videos Safely with Kids:

– Find a video you are searching for on YouTube.

– Copy the URL.

– Go to and paste the URL.

– Watch the video without ads, comments, or suggested videos!





It’s as easy as that! You can compile a list of secure videos for your kids to watch without having to worry about inappropriate ads, suggested videos, or comments!


You still must be vigilant, however, that the content of the videos themselves is appropriate. This website does not filter the video content, just all of the extras that could pose a threat to the innocent eyes of your child!

How else do you ensure that your child is safe on the internet?

      how to watch youtube videos safely with kids- no ads, no comments, no suggested videos      


  1. This is amazing!!! Thank you so much! I thought I was pretty internet savvy myself, but I’ve never heard of this! My kids LOVE watching the same youtube videos over and over again so this is perfect!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I am so glad you are finding it useful. I was pretty excited to find out about this website, as I have heard horror stories about inappropriate “suggested” videos and kids reading filthy comments. :)

  2. We never see commercials, ads or any of that on YouTube because we use AdBlock Plus and Ghostery plugins for Firefox. We also don’t see commercials or ads across the internet, no matter the website. It is a lot easier than pasting URL’s because our browser blocks it all.

    1. Forgot to add – that is still a good idea to have a set place where they can watch prescreened videos and not worry about them clicking around! :-) Thanks!

  3. For the iPad and such, I downloaded the YouTube Kids app. It only has kid friendly/appropriate videos. Sure there are ads but the ads are generated towards kids – I have only seen ads that promote another kid friendly YouTube station (kids songs, learn more about construction vehicles, etc.). I also like that you can set a timer for how long you little ones can watch. My daughter enjoys it and I have peace of mind that she is not capable of seeing or watching or having videos suggested to her that is not meant for little eyes.

    1. Just be careful with YouTube Kids. My son was watching a Minecraft video and I overheard the words, hell and s**t before I could get to it to turn it off. I now have to preview EVERY video, which is a big pain. If there was a service that checked and cleared content for kids, that would be great!

      1. Was it a Stampylongnose video?? Those are very popular minecraft videos among kids. My kids watched them all the time until we heard the F bomb in one! No more!

  4. So thankful to know there is a something like this out there. I get really disturbed by the fact that youtube displays “popular videos” on the homepage. I don’t want to know what’s popular according to Youtube! Would love to know more internet safety tips, such as anyone’s experience using internet safety software.

  5. Many thanks Jenae.
    There is another alternative: it gives more options and better layout than, I recommend it to parents, they will publish new version that enables parents to create playlists and channels.

      1. You’re welcome Jenae, it may be useful to edit the post if possible and add this resource as an alternative. Keep the good work :)

  6. I need some CEU’s for my teaching cert too. I’m very interested in this class you took, and am praying I can do so online, can you please advise?

  7. As an Information Security Consultant who works with families to screen and block things like this I will definitely be checking this site out!! There’s also lots more you can do to filter YouTube. You can put account blocks, create pre-screened watch lists, and disable lots in YouTube kids. However, nothing is a substitute for a Media Mentor Adult present watching the videos with the children. Best filter ever is an educated adult. Thanks for helping us out!!

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