Printable Journal for Kids (Get Your Child to Communicate with You)

Printable Journal


I’m not sure if it is a boy thing (or just something unique to my son) but Big Brother literally refuses to tell me about his day when he is apart from me. I will pick him up from school and he will answer approximately 1.73 questions before he starts to become obviously exasperated with my questioning. I’m not sure where this wall of communication is coming from…he is pretty much a motor mouth whenever he is home. For some reason, however, he doesn’t feel the need to recap me on the morning’s events when he is away from me.

After sharing my struggles getting him to communicate, a friend suggested that I encourage him to journal about his day and then talk about it when he is finished. I recruited my friend Rachel from RV Parties to create some printable journal pages for us and she graciously agreed to let me share them with you! And by the way, be sure to check out their giveaway in celebration of 1,000 likes!



Big Brother added his name to the cover and then decorated it with watercolors.




 We let the cover dry and then put it in the front of a 1/2″ binder.


 I armed Big Brother with a brand spankin’ new set of colored pencils and let him complete his journal entry for the day during his quiet time in the afternoon.





 Big Brother was happy today because he got to play with his friend Eric at recess.




The best part of his day was going to school.

This little journal has been so helpful so far. Big Brother writes/colors in it during his rest time and then we discuss it afterwards. It has paved the way for some more detailed discussion than we’ve had in a while!


Download your pages here:


“Today I Felt…”

“The best part of my day”


How do you encourage your child to communicate with you???


  1. Fantastic idea! I think the exasperation with parental questions is a personality thing. My oldest (a girl) is totally like this, but my second (a boy) loves to tell me every detail of his day. The youngest (a girl) is super verbal – verbal processor and extrovert, unlike her siblings, so I’m sure I’ll hear WAY more than I want to when she goes off to school :)

  2. Great idea! This is perfect for communication between parents and my daycare kids. Upon looking at the pages, shouldn’t the first word be capitalized on each?

    1. Yes, technically if we are wanting to model proper grammar. Haha! But I guess I just liked the look of all lowercase letters. :)

      1. Just found this! I thought about that, too, then I looked at the lines and realized they weren’t “hat, belt, shoes” learning lines…but I figure this is a chance for my son to NOT have to adhere to the rules of writing. This should be creative and encourage free writing and a special way for him to talk to Mom that’s not like all the “regular” writing stuff. Love it; thank you!!

        1. Thanks Delaney! Yes, I didn’t want it to be something that felt like “school” but rather something they could write/draw to express their feelings. Glad you liked it!

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