Crayon Resist Spider Web

We had quite the infestation of spiders in our house this summer…and most of them were Brown Recluse (the kind of spiders that are actually really dangerous). Big Brother is used to investigating the numerous glue traps we have in our house each day and giving me a report of how many spiders are in each. :)  There for a while, spiders had become almost pet-like in our house (to my utter dismay). Thankfully, we finally called an exterminator who sprayed our house with a natural spray (made out of chrysanthemums, so it isn’t harmful to the boys) and fogged our attics, garage, and basement. What a difference this has made!

Now the only spiders we see are, uhhh…no longer living.

So sticking with our non-scary fall activities, here is a very simple spider web made from crayon resist and marker.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a white crayon, a white piece of construction paper, and a black marker.

We first read the story The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.
The Very Busy Spider

Let your little one make the spider web using a white crayon on white construction paper. I helped make the frame and Big Brother did the rest. And yes…he got a haircut, much to my dismay. He needed a trim badly, but it wasn’t supposed to be this short. I rather like his shaggy hair…it fits his personality. Oh well…it will grow. :) 

Next, use a black marker and completely cover the entire page. It’s best if you can try to get your child to use the side of the marker rather than the tip…easier said than done, though. :)
Yes, the web is a little hard to see…but it is still exciting for a child to see the white web “magically” appear. And let’s face it, we’re not attempting to win any art contests with 2-year olds. :)

And this is Big Brother’s very first self-portrait. So what if the mouth and nose are above the eyes and his legs curl around his head…in my eyes, it’s a masterpiece. :)

You could also easily convert this Tangled Pumpkin into a spider web. Just use white yarn and glue with a little bit of water!

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