Fiction and Nonfiction Book Sort



It’s Day 9 of our 30 Days of Reading Fun for Beginning Readers series. On Mondays during this series we are focusing on comprehension and this Fiction and Nonfiction Book Sort helps children understand the concept between real and make believe.


When I was first explaining the difference between Fiction and Nonfiction to my daughter, she was calling it “Nonfiction” and “Yes-fiction”. Haha!


We discussed how Nonfiction books teach us facts about real events, people, or things. Nonfiction books often have pictures instead of illustrations (although not always) and will also often include features such as bolded vocabulary words and picture captions.


Fiction books often tell make-believe stories. Fictional stories are meant to entertain us or think about a situation differently. As children get a bit older, it is beneficial to classify fiction even more. Even young children are able to recognize the difference in realistic fiction and fantasy!


Here’s what you’ll need for the Fiction and Nonfiction Book Sort:

-A stack of books (obviously including both fiction and nonfiction)

-Painter’s tape

-A large clear surface

-Index cards labeled “fiction” and “nonfiction”



1. Use the painter’s tape to section off your surface. Add the index card labels to the top.



2. Gather your books. I used some apple-themed books and then also grabbed some random books we had lying around the house.



3. Let your little one start sorting. Read the titles aloud and encourage your child to sort them. It also might be helpful to open the book to investigate.



All done!






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