Giveaway: Tina Steinberg Personalized Locket ($135 Value)

If you missed out on our last Tina Steinberg giveaway, I shared just how much I love Tina Steinberg personalized jewelry. I have two of the Love Squared charms with the fingerprints of both of my boys. The only jewelry I typically ever wear is my wedding ring, an opal ring from my grandmother, and my Tina Steinberg necklace! Not only is her jewelry personal, it is beautiful and maintenance-free!

Tina Steinberg has graciously offered to give another of her amazing handmade jewelry creations to one of our readers!!! This time it is the Luscious Love Locket (a value of $135)! This giveaway includes a round locket with two oval charms, each with 1 word on one side and one letter/symbol on the back side, i.e., a name on one side and the first initial on the back. Locket is double sided and on a swivel so you can rotate it and see through glass on the other side. Locket size = 1 inch diameter and .5 inches thick. Does not include chain.

Oh, how I wish I allowed myself to enter my own giveaways!!! I LOVE this necklace!

Would you like to enter to win this timeless keepsake? Here’s how:

You will have until Friday at 10am (CST) to enter. I will randomly draw a winner at that time. You can enter five separate times by doing each of these five things. Enter once or enter five times, it’s up to you! Just make sure to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry:

1. Follow me on this website or subscribe via e-mail, then leave a comment saying you have followed or subscribed. If you are already a follower or already subscribe, leave a comment telling me that as well.

2. “Like” I CAN TEACH MY CHILD on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and leave a comment telling me you did this. Again, if you previously done this, you still qualify.

3. “Like” TINA STEINBERG DESIGNS on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you did this.

4. Visit Tina’s website and leave a comment telling me what your favorite piece of jewelry is.

5. Finally, copy and paste this message as your Facebook status: “I just entered to win a personalized Love Locket from Tina Steinberg Designs through I Can Teach My Child–a website for parents of children ages birth through 5 years. You can enter too! Just go to

Remember…leave a separate comment for EACH ENTRY. On Friday morning at 10:00 (CST), I will randomly draw a winner.

And if you aren’t the winner…I’ve still got good news! You can get 10% off ANYTHING at Tina’s website by using the coupon code “teach” at checkout now through October 31st!


  1. I visited the website and found the 'Love Locker' Heart Locket. My sister has three boys and she would LOVE to have this necklace!

  2. Just viewed Tina's website. Very beautiful jewelry. I love it all! The fingerprint charms what a timeless treasure but I have to say that my favorite is the Luscious Love Locket.

  3. My favorite are her love charms. I have 3 but once we adopt our 2 girls I'll need to add 2 more to my necklace :)

  4. I love, love, love the fingerprint charms. I think they're beautiful and unique! I'm now infatuated with the luscious love pendant though!

  5. My favorite design is the "Round up My Love" necklace. I am hoping to one day win one, or maybe I can get it for Christmas!

  6. y favorite design is the "Love Locker neckless". I just love having things that have my kiddos names close to my heart as a constant reminder how wonderfully mad they are!

  7. I really like the love touch collection with multi-print designs. It would be perfect for both of my boys but I'd love to win the locket and put their names in it!

  8. I like the love locket, and I know several other people who would love to have one too. Hum, if I win, do I keep it for myself or give it to someone else?

  9. I love the 'Little Love Charmer' two tier necklace-both my sweethearts' fingerprints around my neck would be wonderful!

  10. I love her Little Charmer 2 tier necklace — would put both of my sweet girls on it!! : )

  11. I like the Little Love Charmer Plus (but with two charms). I also had never seen the spirit collection; very cool.

  12. I love Tina's fingerprint jewelry! It seems our little ones grow up so fast – how special to have their little fingerprints to last forever!

  13. i ADORE Tina's fingerprint jewelry & am ordering the double stacked necklace for myself for Christmas. :)

  14. And I would love one of the diamond love (or two, one for each of my babies) necklaces…it is my favorite on her site!


  15. My favorite Tina Steinberg design is the "Circle of Love" locket… I think this is actually the one you are giving away. Oh, if I could only be so lucky!!

  16. I love the "Little Love Charmer Plus" from Tina's page. I also really love this locket. Its all so sweet and special with your kids close to your heart.

  17. I follow via GFC! :) Love your blog! (I homeschool my 7 year old & your blog helps me teach my 3 year old, too!)

    Ellie W.
    fcorin13 at hotmail dot com

  18. I really like the "mama" charm I found on Tina Steinberg jewelry website!! So simple, on a simple chain…maybe I can drop hints to my husband for a Christmas gift :) haha

  19. Visited Tinas page….Her website is pretty….I love the glass charms but I like the charm lockers for the multiple kids names…. so cool. Great, now youre gonna have me begging my hubby for one for Christmas hehe
    sun_surf80 at

  20. After looking through the products on Tina Steinberg's site, I must say I really like the "Love Locker" locket for 1-4 words or names. I like that it's something I would wear and can personalize it with the names of my children.

  21. I love the It starts within peace and love necklace — in fact I've sent the link to my husband for a Christmas idea :)

  22. My favorite piece is the Little Love Charmer Two Tier Necklace. It's so unique AND cute!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  23. I really like the circle of love locket. It is such a unique piece. All of her stuff is so beautiful!
    steph dot pets at yahoo dot com

  24. I really like the Little Love Charmer Two Tier Necklace. It'd be perfect to have my two litle boys fingerprints done!

  25. I went to the website and I would LOVE the heart locket with my Husbands name and my 2 kids names in it! There was too much to choose from. I was also thinking about starting a charm bracelet and adding one evertime something big happened in our lives then I could pass it along to my daughter and it would tell a story of our life.

  26. I visted Tina's Webiste, and absolutely LOVED her Luscious Locket collection! Specifically the 'Prismatic Love' Hexagon pendant….seriously!

  27. I pated this as my status on Facebook "copy and paste this message as your Facebook status: "I just entered to win a personalized Love Locket from Tina Steinberg Designs through I Can Teach My Child–a website for parents of children ages birth through 5 years. You can enter too! Just go to"

  28. My favorite piece from Tina's website is the Little Love Charmer with the kid's fingerprint. How cool! I would love to win your giveaway–what a beautiful locket!! Love all her stuff. bonansinga1285 at comcast dot net

  29. While I do LOVE the necklace that is up for grabs and I want it. I also really like the Love Touch Mini-Love Charm. I don't have a bracelet and that would be so nice to have those all in one place.

  30. The round or teardrop shaped lockets are my favorites! not sure if all 6 of my kiddos names would fit, though.

  31. I love Tina's WHOLE collection (those fingerprints are SO creative!) but the giveaway locket is still my fav!

  32. AND! I copy&pasted the status to Facebook :o)

    I'm new and I <3 <3 <3 your blog! I have a 1 1/2 yr old and a 3 yr old that we plan on homeschooling. I've been browsing your archives and have found so many fun things to do with my boys!! Great Job!

  33. What an amazing keepsake, I follow you, and like you on FB already. The mama charm is lovely!
    Thanks, karen
    Sippy Cup Central Mom

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