License Plate Rubbings

You’ve probably heard of doing leaf rubbings in the fall, but this is a great way to practice number and letter recognition. Plus, it goes nicely with our transportation thematic unit!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a license plate (we used an antique we had stored away), crayons, a piece of computer paper, a piece of cardstock paper, and some pre-cut letters and numbers.

1. If you have a younger child who can’t hold the paper onto the license plate while doing the rubbing, I would recommend taping the paper to the license plate.

2. Show your child how to gently rub the crayon back and forth over the license plate. Doing it gently was definitely a challenge for Big Brother!
3. Add more colors.

4. Your license plate is done!

5. Now you can have your child make her own license plate. Just take your piece of cardstock (or construction paper) and let her add letters and numbers! Our antique license plate only has 5 alphanumerics, but I think typically most states have 7. Our letters were too big, so we just did 5.
(I’m not sure why my uploader is turning my pictures upside down…but you get the idea!)
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  1. This is a really cool site, I happened upon it through Julie's site, I use to work with her husband. I have a 2-year-old little girl and plan to do some of these fun crafts with her.

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    Sorry for the long post, you can email me if you have any questions about it. I'd be happy to help. [email protected]

  2. After moving to a new state last summer, we have a collection of old license plates in our garage. The rubbings were a perfect activity for my kids (ages 2.5 and 4.5) and we had fun attaching them to the fronts and backs of cardboard boxes to make their own personalized cars. Thanks for the idea!

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