Magnetic Monsters

I adapted this idea from Pre-school Play (via Pinterest) and it sort of took on a life of it’s own.

First you’ll need to cut up some pipe cleaners…


And then use either your hot glue gun or some gorilla glue to attach some wiggly eyes (which I received for free from Craft Project Ideas). I would have used my glue gun, but it was all the way downstairs and I was too lazy to go get it. So I used the gorilla glue that was conveniently located in a nearby drawer. This could very well be one of the contributing factors into the not-being-able-to-lose-weight saga.


Stick them all into a plastic bottle…

And then let your child use a magnet on the outside of the bottle to move around the small pipe cleaner pieces. We used a small horseshoe magnet because we don’t yet have one of these handy-dandy magnetic wands (which are also fantastic for Bingo-players, apparently). Perhaps a purchase is in our future!


This worked okay, but our magnet was not quite strong enough. So, we decided to adapt it into a fishing game of sorts. I tied a piece of yarn around the magnet, securing it to the neck of the bottle…


And then dunked the magnet inside to create our monsters!


Big Brother LOVED this. But next time I think I’ll hot glue the lid on and plan on only using the magnetic wand that I’m longing for. I did not intend for tiny pieces of pipe cleaner to be used as confetti around my house.


Disclaimer:  Magnets and small objects don’t mix with babies and toddlers. Keep the little ones away. This activity is intended only for kiddos who no longer put objects in their mouths…and be sure to supervise this activity at all times.



  1. you could drill/punch a tiny string-sized hole in the cap to prevent the confetti. knot the outside end of the string and that would keep everything contained! a very neat idea.

  2. Jenae, How are you able to get craft supplies for free from Craft Project Ideas? I went to their website and didn’t find any info on freebies. Is this only for bloggers? Thanks!

    1. Yes, it was a promotion for bloggers, I believe. In exchange, we were simply asked to link to their site whenever we used one of the supplies they sent us. ;)

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