Safety Scissors Sea

I just got our Melissa & Doug safety scissors (70% off) I ordered last week and thought we would try them out. We’ve never attempted cutting before and let me tell you…Big Brother is NOT a fan.

After about 30 seconds of trying to help him hold the scissors correctly and cut this clever paper, he loudly told me that he didn’t like scissors.

So I ended up cutting them. Oh well…we’ll try again in a month or two.

PS- I’m not sure why it automatically made my picture vertical when I uploaded it. Sorry about that!


  1. Try cutting playdough with old scissor first to get the hang of holding the scissors the right way then work up to just cutting. I let my son cut scraps of wrapping paper to put in my collage bin for work.

  2. Would you be willing to put the ages your kids were when you attempted projects like this? It would be helpful to know what age they are appropriate for.

    Also, the dollar store has some neat scissors that have a tab you can flip over that makes the scissors spring open so that they don’t need to do the pulling apart motion while they are learning.

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