Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!

There were several awesome ideas shared last week. Here are just a few…


Toddler Approved shares a great way to have fun inside this winter…balloon tennis!

I love this idea from Crayon Freckles for using milk caps for alphabet matching!

Joyfully Weary shares a great idea for ice fishing for letters.

Have an idea or activity to share??? Link up below! Next week I’ll be sharing my favorites from the ones you submit!

Feel free to add the button to the post you’re submitting!

I Can Teach My Child

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      1. Hi Jenae,
        I absolutely love your sight! You are an amazing woman, mom, and teacher. I think we would be best friends if we met, except I have girls instead of boys. Just like you I have a ministry that equips and encourages moms (except not as good or not as big as yours) except mine focuses on helping moms teach their kids biblical character. I have just recently started tapping into the world of blogs, websites, etc. ( and I would love to hear any input you have about what you would do different if you were starting from scratch, or what you would recommend me to do the same. I am asking for your help as a sister in Christ. I truly believe that by helping me, you will be helping a multitude of moms and their young children grow in Christ in the future. I am particularly interested in your show and share days. I love that concept. However, I am open to any input at all that you may have. Thank you so much. – The Character Mom

        1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your site looks great! If I were starting from scratch, I would set specific time limits on the computer! I think I spent far too much time on the computer and neglected other things…I’m just now finding a good balance. :)

          What exactly were you interested in knowing about the Show-and-Share Saturday feature?

  1. Thanks for featuring our balloon tennis :) My husband is so proud that his hand is getting so much exposure… and is contemplating hand modeling ;)

    Have a great Saturday! Hope you have some fun things planned with your family.

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