Show-and-Share Saturday: Organizing Toys

Happy New Year!!! As I recently shared, toy clutter stresses me out. If you donated toys like we did, this might be a great opportunity to reorganize the toys you do have. I found a series of short tutorial videos on toy organization here that I thought I would share with you. Enjoy!


  1. Ohh I love these type of bookshelves! We just bought a set like that from IKEA and we LOVE it! It's perfect for the toys, books & movies!

  2. Oh,yes,we donated a big bag of toys and clothes this christmas,but I could use a bookshelve like this one!Tnx for the video!

  3. Oh how I wish my home could look like a pottery barn magazine!! :) Love organization…we recently bought a set like that from IKEA (prob same one The Teacher's Wife got!) and absolutely ADORE it!!! Wayyyyy cheaper than PB too!

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