3-D Pumpkin Puzzles

Sometimes people ask me where I come up with my ideas. I’m REALLY not a very creative person (I’m not even a fan of crafting, at least on the adult level…mostly because I am completely inept). In all honestly, a lot of times I look at a piece of trash and wonder what I can do with it. This activity was no exception.

Here’s what you’ll need:  an egg carton, either an orange Sharpie or orange paint (depending on whether your egg carton is styrofoam or cardboard), and a black permanent marker.

Start cutting your egg carton into individual cups (pumpkins).



Color your egg carton with the Sharpie. If you have a cardboard egg carton, use paint. The paint flakes off the styrofoam…hence the need for the Sharpie.



Use a black marker to write the numerals on one side and the number of corresponding dots on the other side.



Use scissors or an Xacto knife to cut your pumpkins. Try to make each one different.



Throw all the pieces on the floor…



And let your little one get started putting the 3D pumpkin puzzles together!


This activity is great for number recognition…


and one-to-one correspondence!


  1. We are doing apples and pumpkins this Autumn. (I also think I can scrounge up a red Sharpie more easily.
    ) This would make decent apples too.
    I love this. Thank you.

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