3D Tangled Pumpkin

A few years ago, we made our two-dimensional version of the yarn pumpkin. This year, we decided to try something new and create a 3D Tangled Pumpkin!

This crafts was messy, sticky, and lots of fun. I chose to do this one with only Big Brother, knowing that Little Brother would have difficulty winding the yarn around the balloon. It was even a bit difficult for Big Brother, so I would recommend this craft for older preschoolers and up.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a balloon, orange yarn, liquid glue, a wide bowl, and a cardboard tube. A clothespin is also recommended for hanging it to dry.

1. Blow up your balloon. I would suggest keeping it on the small-ish side.


2. Pour a bunch of glue in the bottom of your wide bowl.


3. Let your little one begin rolling the balloon around in the glue…a great sensory experience! Big Brother immediately wanted to wash his hands (and so did I), but we persevered (and I did wash my hands so I could snap a few pictures).


4. Once the entire balloon is coated with glue, start adding your orange yarn!


 Twist…and twist…and twist some more!


 5. Once you have all the yarn on the sticky balloon, douse the outside of the balloon with more glue and spread over the top of the yarn…being careful not to move the yarn around too much. FYI:  I did this step for Big Brother.


Ready to dry!


 6. Use your clothespin to hang the balloon up (preferably outside, or with a plate underneath to catch the drips). We hung ours from our lights on our deck. Let dry overnight.


 7. Once it’s dry, carefully remove the balloon from the top of the pumpkin and cut a cardboard tube to be the stem.





Go on…have some messy, sticky fun and get a festive fall decoration as a bonus!



  1. How much fun is that? I love it. My daughters would think this was the funnest to make. especially since their cants would get nice and sticky. lol Great activity!

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