Ask the Doctor {new series}

I am blessed that my dad is a family physician. This means I get to call him in the middle of the night about a medical issue and he loves me anyway! And it means that family vacations can be a little less stressful knowing that there is a doctor with us just in case.  And we don’t have to wait at the doctor’s office (or make an appointment for that matter). It’s wonderful…

On Sunday, I was telling him a little more about my blog and I asked if he would be interested in answering medical questions submitted by readers. He happily agreed (I mean, really…how could he say no to his daughter?). :)

So, now each week I will post a question submitted by you and answered by my sweet dad! So fire away, people…the doctor is in! :)

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  1. I was just telling my mom today that I wish I was a doctor so I wouldn't be "googling" every little thing and wondering if it's worthy of a doctor's visit, whether it be for the kids, my husband, or myself. How nice this must be for you!

  2. I have been hearing of so many people (mostly young children) getting a terrible stomach bug of some sort: several days of bad vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes fever….is this the 2011 strain of the "flu" rearing its ugly head?

  3. Some thought on how to treat eczema in infants/toddlers would be great! We've tried a lot of things, but nothing really seems to be helping. Also, in his experience, do eczema seem to be commonly linked with food sensitivities. I highly suspect that my daughter has a sensitivity to dairy and egg (tested level 1 for egg white) and we've cut both out of her diet… Thanks so much!

  4. Laura, I'm not a doctor, but look into fish or krill oil. My son had mild/ moderate eczema and nothing helped until we started giving him fish oil. It cleared up within a week!!!

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