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{~} Kathy asked, “My 2.5 yr old hasn’t had a solid poo in awhile. He’s a good eater, full of energy and in good spirits. I just started giving him an acidopholus(have no idea how to spell this and too tired to look it up) chew tablet each day hoping this would regulate him. Should I take him to be seen? He weighs around 30lbs and has for a while now too.

Also, when should we switch to 2% milk? He gets the full fatty stuff (vit D).

The doctor answered:   If he’s still not having fairly solid stools after giving him the acidophilus chewable tablet, there could be a problem that needs further evaluation.
It could be lactose intolerance. Take him off of all milk products for a week and see if it helps. If not, you should consult your doctor.
About the milk–Two-years old is a generally the time that I advise parents to switch to 2%.

{~} Laura asked, “Some thought on how to treat eczema in infants/toddlers would be great! We’ve tried a lot of things, but nothing really seems to be helping. Also, in his experience, does eczema seem to be commonly linked with food sensitivities. I highly suspect that my daughter has a sensitivity to dairy and egg (tested level 1 for egg white) and we’ve cut both out of her diet… Thanks so much!”

The doctor answered: The best thing is to use a mild glycerin soap sparingly when bathing and then spot-treat using over-the-counter Hydrocortisone (Cortizone 10). Washing too much can be a problem as well. Just use soap every 3 days and use only water the other 2 days, if necessary. If the over-the-counter Hydrocortisone doesn’t work, you should see the doctor to get it further evaluated. Each case needs to be individually evaluated and treated.

Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Lotion, Eczema and Itchy, Dry Skin 3.5 oz (99 g)

There have been studies showing an association between allergies and eczema. Eczema can sometimes be a forewarning of future allergies, but not always.

*Jenae’s comment:  Little Brother had terrible red patches all over his face as a newborn, we followed this same advice and it took care of the problem almost immediately!

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  1. Our pediatric dermatologist suggested adding a small amount of bleach (like 1/8 cup) to my son's bathwater to help control eczema – apparently it's somewhat bacterial in nature – it cleared it right up!

  2. We had the same problem with solid poo after a bout of illness. I mentioned it to my own doctor after the pediatrician told me it was nothing to worry about and she told me that often times people become slightly lactose intolerant after an illness and it goes away after a few months of the stomach and digestive tracts get back to normal. She said that as long as the situation didn't get worse it was okay to continue with milk, but it would also be okay to try going off milk for a week. Since she also told me this would only work if we were COMPLETELY off dairy and my son really, REALLY loves cheese we waited it out.

    It's since cleared up, but it's the only time I've heard this explanation, is it crazy?

  3. Question! Our daughter had a trip to the ER which was scary and now she hates going to the pediatrician. Any advice on calming her fears of the doctor's office? Thanks! Tiffany

    1. Tiffany, My son seemed to get over the fear of going to the dr once we went for a routine check up and he didnt need any shots or anything. He is 3 and I was able to let him know that the Doctor is there to get him well and keep him well. Maybe having a trauma free visit might help.

      Also, I know I have seen childrens books about going to the dr so maybe you can pick her favorite character and see if they have a book about them going to the dr. Hope that helps :)

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