Guest Post :: 5 Fail Safe Tips to Better Holiday Cards

By:  Kirsty Wallace of K Wallace Photography (and on Facebook)

With the holidays fast approaching many of you will be thinking about that one picture you will want to include with your Holiday card to send out to friends and loved ones. Here are 5 simple tips that can take your so-so pictures to spectacular!

1. AVOID mid day lighting. Between 10 and 2 the sun will create incredibly harsh shadows on your beautiful family. Take your pictures in the morning or in the evening when the sunlight will be much softer.

2. Make sure your kiddos (and hubby) are well fed and rested. You might be thinking that this tip doesn’t have anything to do with taking pictures but you will be amazed at how much more cooperative your family will be.

3. Get down on their level! If your thinking of just including a picture of your adorable kids get down on the floor with them to take their picture. This makes the picture much more personal as it is showing the world from the childs perspective. Plus, who really wants to see the top of your childs head? Make their cute faces the center of the picture!

4. Utilize your space. Once you have selected where you want to take your picture, be it the family couch or your backyard, don’t line everyone up. Space everyone about for an interesting picture. It will look much more natural and relaxed, unlike the “soldiers in a row” shot.

5. Use free editing software. While you may not be able to airbrush everyone’s skin to perfection like a professional, you can get rid of blemishes and red eye very easily. Picasa is a wonderful program offered for FREE by Google. It is also a great tool for sharing photographs.

Most of all though, have fun with it! Don’t make it so serious. If you have fun with it the love between your family members will be what everyone will see when they open their cards. Happy Holidays!

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