Show-and-Share Saturday: Dino Clip Cards

Confessions of a HomeSchooler has a plethora of amazing Dinosaur activities for preschoolers here.

My favorite is this little dinosaur clothespin activity. You clip the corresponding number of mini-clothespins to each dinosaur’s back. You can even download the dinosaurs for FREE…how cool is that?!?!

PS-I just took these to Office Max to have them laminated (knowing how hard my boys are on things) and it only cost $1.30!

Literature Link:
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs (Picture Puffins)
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Strickland
This cute reverse-counting book is great for children of all ages, but especially for children 5+ who are learning to count backwards. The rhyming text and bright pictures make it lots of fun to read!


  1. I taught kindergarten for several years and just started homeschooling my own kinder student this year. We're enjoying the blog and are doing a dino unit now too.

    Clothespins are marvelous and I have many reading and math centers that use them. Kids just seem to love any kind of learning that involves clipping things. ;)

  2. Dear Jenae,

    I like the colored dinosaurs with the number symbols very much.
    You write that they can be downloaded for free but I dont know where.
    Can you help me with that?


  3. I just have to say how wonderful and generous you are for sharing this. I absolutely love the creativity. It’s great! Love your website too!

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