Beginning Sound Letter Hunt

The quickest and easiest sound activity ever


Little Brother and I are working on learning (and reinforcing) letter sounds. I am also in the throes of learning how to juggle 3 kids…while nursing a newborn about 7-8 times each day. Needless to say, activities these days must be SIMPLE and QUICK. This beginning sound letter hunt met all the above criteria and Little Brother just happened to love it because it felt like a game! :)  In addition to learning letter sounds, this is a great phonemic awareness activities for dissecting the sounds heard in words and identifying the onset (initial sound heard in a spoken word).


Here’s what you’ll need:  Letter Stick-Ons (for posters). Don’t have those? Write some letters on a post-it note and call it good. :)


 *You can find these letter pads near the poster board at most stores.





Give your child a sticky letter. Identify the name of the letter and then help him/her make the letter sound. Have him/her take the letter and stick it to something in the room that starts with that sound. Little Brother started off by sticking the “N” to himself. :)




 “B” for Books!





 “L” for lamp!





 “B” for Balloon





“P” for Piano!


It doesn’t get much quicker or easier to help your child learn letter sounds!


What is your favorite “on the fly” learning activity???



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