Binocular Valentines

This was one of those accidental ideas. I intended on making homemade binoculars using a recycled paper towel roll for our camping unit, but then decided it would be cute to turn it into a Valentine’s Day idea…albeit a little last minute!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a paper towel roll, duct tape (the houndstooth duct tape pattern is my favorite), yarn, a hole punch and….

Print out these “I’ve got my eye on you, Valentine” labels.  I used return address mailing labels (come 30 to a page) and sent them through the printer! The text on the stickers is actually red…but my printer is running out of ink so it looks pink in the pictures. :)


Although creating these binoculars is extremely simple…sometimes it helps my absent-minded brain not to have to think. So, here’s what we did. Cut a section of your paper towel roll off and then cut another section that exact same size. Use a glue stick to secure the two rolls together. Then, take your duct tape and wrap it around the two to form the binoculars. Use the hole punch to attach a piece of yarn (warning:  only let your child use these within your direct supervision). Add the label, if you choose! :)

Again, ‘valentine’ is actually supposed to be red on the labels. My printer is just running out of ink!

Rocking the post-nap bed-head!

This silly little contraption has gotten lots of use this past week! Enjoy!


  1. We made some of these yesterday after seeing your picture of these the other day. We didn’t glue the rolls together since the tape keeps them together. :) The kids liked them!

  2. I’ve also been looking for a new mother’s necklace to replace a lost one – and add our new baby girl. I would love one of these! -Kortney

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