Experience Gift Idea: 12 Months of Pre-Planned “Dates” with Your Kids

Meaningful Gift Idea_ 12 Months of Dates with Your Kids


Update:  For Families with 3 or 4 Children, I created a printable “Experience Gift Schedule” that makes scheduling one-on-one time more manageable for larger families. Go here to learn more!


When thinking about Christmas gifts for our oldest two boys this year, my husband and I decided that we wanted to focus more on an experience gift rather than more junk toys. Our boys are at the ages where they love going on “dates” and spending one-on-one time time with each of us. So this year, we will be giving them 12 Months of Pre-Planned Dates…my husband will take each child one month and I will take him/her the next month.


We tried to pick an assortment of activities…some that are new and exciting (the boys will get to see the Harlem Globetrotter’s in February) and some that are beloved and inexpensive (going to the zoo and having a picnic at the park). The focus for all the activities is building our relationships with our kids through quality time and fun!


Here’s what you’ll need:

12 Envelopes

Monthly Labels

A List of Pre-Planned Dates

Optional:  Gift Cards for each Date

Recommended:  Pamphlets or Tourist Brochures


Dates with Kids


I tried to find some brochures from each business or tourist pamphlets for each of the places we were going. Even though we have already been to many of these places, the brochures make it seem a bit fancier.


If you choose, you can also go ahead and insert gift cards or tickets for each pre-planned date. We did this for a few of our dates and for the rest, we will just pay for them when the time comes.


Here are some ideas for activities to do on your “date”:


Experience Gift Ideas for Kids



Put all pamphlets and gift cards in each month’s envelope and wrap it up for a super special gift that truly does keep giving month after month!


12 Months of Dates with Your Kids



Update:  We have this gift to our boys two years ago this Christmas. It is still their favorite gift to date! Unfortunately, adding my daughter into the mix seemed impossible as it was already EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to schedule all of these dates with just the two boys. So we are trying something new this year:  An Experience Gift Schedule! This is ideal for larger families with three or four children. Every month each child will either get to go on a date with Mom, a date with Dad, or they will choose a family activity (rent a movie, choose a restaurant, pick a board game, etc). We will be giving this to our children on Christmas morning (along with any pre-planned tickets or gift cards we have purchased. Go here to choose one of these beautiful schedules to print!

Experience Gift Schedule



What other places/ideas do you have for going on dates with your kids?




  1. Question though: are these in addition to gifts from Santa? Are they from Santa? Are they gifts from Mom & Dad? Just curious how you presented them. Thanks!

    1. These are from us. The boys asked Santa for LEGOs, so that is what they will get from him. :) We normally do 1 Santa gift and then 1-2 gifts from us and some stocking stuffers.

  2. This is a great ideas. I can’t wait until Christmas. I think I will do this as a Valentine gift and plan dates for the rest of the year. Awesome and thanks for sharing.

  3. Did they open all of the envelopes on Christmas Day? Or did they open the envelopes each month to see what the Adventure was?

    1. Yes, they got to peek and see what they could look forward to for the year in each envelope. Then I put them somewhere safe and now they go and look at the beginning of each month. :)

  4. The idea is to spend one-on-one time with each child. So, do you have 12 different date envelopes for each child? Do you repeat some of the dates? I love this idea!!

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