Gift Idea: Science Kit for Kids (with free printables)


I love the idea of giving a gift to a child that involves quality time together, discovery, and maybe even a little learning! A Science Kit offers just that…plus lots of fizzing, zooming, and reacting!

Actually, the entire reason I formatted my Fascinating Science for Kids eBook was for this very purpose:  to be able to eventually use it as a gift. I didn’t add page numbers because I wanted to be able to exclude some experiments that might not be age-appropriate. I wanted to instructions to be bright, fun, and inviting (hence, the multi-colored Chevron background). :)

I was able to buy everything (including the tub) for less than $20 by buying generic of most items at Walmart!




After printing the eBook, I decided to laminate the pages back-to-back and bound them with a metal ring.


Here are the contents of the Science Kit:

  • Download and Print the Fascinating Science for Kids eBook (include the experiments you choose)
  • Matching Printable Gift Tags
  • Goggles (I just found some cheap ones at Walmart:  $1.67 for a two pack)
  • Personalized Lab Coat (a men’s white-collared shirt from Goodwill with the child’s name written on it)
  • Marshmallows
  • Rubber Bands
  • Balloons
  • Food coloring
  • Funnel
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A few tablespoons of Yeast
  • 2-Liter of Diet Soda
  • Mentos
  • Oil
  • Bar Magnet
  • Rock Salt
  • Radish seeds
  • CD/DVD
  • Cap of a Sports Drink


Combine all of the materials and print off a gift tag.

Wrap up the basket in some cellophane and add your tag!





Give this unique gift to a special child in your life for birthdays, Christmas, or just because!



  1. …beautifully creative idea. Would love to print the .pdf gift tag file for this weekend…I’m having trouble getting the pdf to load. Could you email the file?

    Sincere thanks!

  2. Where did you get a bar magnet? The one on amazon is expensive and I can’t find them anywhere. Can it be a regular magnet?

  3. What a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing! There will be A LOT of kiddos getting this special gift this year!

  4. What a super idea for a vacation. My husband and I are taking our 5 kids (age 3-17) on vacation and were nervous that they would get bored just hanging out for a week. This is the perfect solution! Thank you!

  5. What ages do you think this would be best for? I’m thinking about it for my neice’s 10th birthday.

  6. This is really nicely put together! I love to put together “activity kit” types of gifts for kids and a science experiment kit is a great theme. I’m sure a couple of kids in my life are going to be getting one of these this year :) Thanks!!

  7. LOVE this!! We love doing science experiments and I’ve purchase kits before only to realize they were full of things we already had around the house. This is a great gift idea and we have two birthday parties coming up this weekend. Thank you!

  8. Just heard about this today from another mom while doing PTA duties. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for such a great idea. I was just stressing over the four birthday party invitations my kids got for the next two weeks. Money’s tight and you’ve made it so easy for me to put it together without looking cheap and cheesy.

  9. This is a wonderful idea, my neice has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and this will be terrific, somethingthat her and her brother can both be involved with.

  10. Love this. Love this. Love love love love love this. What a GREAT idea! I am usually the one with my finger up my heinie trying to figure out what to get my kids’ friends for their bd.’s. This is a FANTASTIC, NEW, ORIGINAL idea. I love it. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I tried to print the book of experiments but it will not let me. I printed the tags… can you direct email me the link?

    Thanks, emily

  12. I am also having trouble finding the book of Experiments. I have tried both subscribing to your site and “liking” you on facebook but nothing. Help!! I love this idea!!

    1. Same thing is happening to me. Every time I go to download it, it takes me to the subscribe page again. But i have already confirmed my email subscription.

  13. Hi, i love this idea -My daughter would have so much fun! Thank you sharing, I am not able to follow any of these links to subscribe or find the book… Would be grateful for your help.

  14. What are the ages for this? Im looking for creative, fun ideas for both my 4-year old niece and 2-year old nephew. Would this be good for one? Any other ideas / suggestions? Thanks so much!

  15. I love this idea. I have purchased all of the stuff for my nephews, but can’t get the printable to download. Is is possible for you to email it to me? Thanks.

  16. Just wanted to let you know… I made this for my 9 yr old granddaughter for Christmas. I wrapped it up in the “lab coat” that had her name on it. SHE LOVED IT!! Said it was one of the best gifts she got!! I did a homemade Christmas for her and she is playing so much more with those gifts over the store bought ones. Looking for ideas for next year already. Happy 2013 everyone!!

  17. Loved the activities you have gathered and organized.
    I think my 4 yr old will love doing these with me.

    Can I suggest a quick improvement to save printer ink…
    If you make a version which has a plain background instead of the colorful ones, it would save a lot of printer ink.

    Admittedly, the kids would like the colorful backgrounds, but I think they will be looking at the actual experiments instead of the instructions.

    Just a thought..

  18. I’m having a hard time printing off the ebook. Could you send me the direct link. I’m going to use it for a silent auction. So excited….it’s a great idea. Thank you!

  19. Thanks for this creative idea! I’m making this as a DIY b-day gift for my 6-yr-old nephew! I wanted to let you know that your text above listing the contents is missing “corn starch” in the lineup, but the picture showing the contents has it listed. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until now and I copied/pasted the list and sent a text to myself for my shopping trip, so I’m missing the corn starch. Easy fix though! Just thought I’d share that with you!

  20. I can’t get the free printable to print in my virtual windows environment?

    Great Site … Thanks …

  21. I tried to download the book but it didn’t work. I also tried to email you but it was returned to me? Can you help? Thank you!

  22. Hi, Love your idea but I could not download the e-book using the link given in the email. Can you send me the e-book link thru email. Thank you!

  23. definitely a problem with downloading the book! ive tried everything to get it. nothing works! Such a pity! Can anyone help???

    1. Just e-mailed you, Laura. You should be able to download it with the link I provided. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader since it is a PDF.

  24. I also am struggling to dl the book. I’m trying to make a set for school as well as one for my nephew’s birthday. Could you e-mail me the link as well? Thanks!

      1. Hi Jenae,

        I love this – thank you so much for posting – could you email me the contents of the ebook – the link does not seem to be working.



  25. Thank you so much for such a great idea! I just used this idea for a church fundraiser/auction and it received so many bids! People LOVED it! I will definitely be using this idea again in the future.

  26. I am trying to print the book but have not been able to. Would you please send it to me?
    Love theis idea!!

    1. Were you able to access the file? Make sure you have an updated version of Adobe Reader on your computer. Just type “Adobe Reader” into your search engine and it should give you directions for updating. Hope that helps!

  27. Hi,
    I too love this idea! I am having a hard time accessing the link for the ebook, can you please email it to me as well!
    Thank you very much!

  28. Can you PLEASE email me the link to this ebook? I’ve been trying and trying but can’t seem to get it! This is such an amazing idea!!!

  29. I cant get the sign up page to load; just a blue screen. Can you please email me the ebook and gift tags? Thanks. This is a terrific idea. It will be s0 much fun AND help to stimulate the scientist within.

  30. LOVE this idea for my nephew! Can you please email me the link for downloading the ebook? I am unable to download it off the site. Thank you!

    1. I am new to your site and can’t download the science book. I am running out of time to do it for my grandsons for Christmas. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, xNola

  31. This is such a great gift for kids. I’ve added it to my list of non-toy gifts. I hope that’s ok with you. A good idea’s worth sharing a thousand times :) Besides the price makes it very attractive to parents. Congrats for the idea! I’m one of those parents who try to stay away from toys , whenever I have to buy gifts for our kids or our friends’ kids. I have a feeling many kids I know will get this kit for their bdays :)

  32. please could you email me the link to download the book. I need to make two of these this week! Thanks, just what I was looking for!!!

  33. I have followed the instructions and have not received the science booklet and would like to make it for my son for Christmas. Please help.

  34. I have followed the instructions and have not received the science booklet and would like to make it for my nephew for Christmas. Please help.

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  36. Can’t wait to receive the printable experiments and am hoping is still available? I signed up a bit back and still can’t get link and have looked in spam, etc.

    FABULOUS idea and can’t wait to give this year for gifts
    [email protected]

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