Favorite Family Traditions from Allison of No Time for Flash Cards


Note from Jenae:  Throughout the month of December, I’ll be sharing posts by several of my favorite bloggers about their favorite family traditions surrounding Christmas. I firmly believe that traditions help shape our children’s memories of their childhood and draw us closer together as a family. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have!

“Celebrations are the ritualized interruptions in the continuum of daily life which remind us who we are, where we came from and where we are going.” -Milo Shannon-Thornberry


Tradition shared by Allison of No Time for Flash Cards


We have two family traditions that we look forward to every Christmas. The first is cutting down our own tree. We are so lucky to live in an area that has many tree farms close by and we return to our favorite year after year. I love strolling through the trees debating with my kids and then watching my husband cut it down.

The other is making donuts on Christmas Eve to leave for Santa and eat as we open presents Christmas morning. They are simple sugar ans cinnamon donuts and I love how much my kids enjoy making them and how much it means to my husband since he and his mother and her mother all grew up with this tradition. Watching my son sugar the donuts gives me a glimpse at what Christmas Eve was like for my husband when he was a little boy. We can’t always be with family at Christmas but knowing they are making donuts too takes some of the sting out of the miles that separate us.


 Allison McDonald is the founder of No Time For Flash Cards a popular education and craft blog for kids syndicated by Scholastic.com. A former preschool teacher turned mom Allison shows her readers how to make every day educational through play and art. Allison lives in a farmhouse with no farm on an island outside of Seattle with her son, daughter and husband.



  1. Hi, the doughnut making sounds like a fun tradition. My grandmother always made doughnuts as well (not necessarily on/for Christmas) but as much as we loved them growing up (she made them plain and we would add honey or real maple syrup to them) I don’t make hers because they are deep fried in a huge pot of lard. Would love it if you’d share your doughnut recipe!

    1. I will dig it out for you Alicia. It calls for lard too . We usually use crisco after running to the all nigh walmart because crisco is not on my regular shopping list ;) I will find the recipe and post it.

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