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Note from Jenae:  Throughout the month of December, I’ll be sharing posts by several of my favorite bloggers about their favorite family traditions surrounding Christmas. I firmly believe that traditions help shape our children’s memories of their childhood and draw us closer together as a family. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have!

“Celebrations are the ritualized interruptions in the continuum of daily life which remind us who we are, where we came from and where we are going.” -Milo Shannon-Thornberry


Tradition Shared by Deborah J. Stewart of Teach Preschool

When my daughter was little, my husband and I would load her up in the car on Christmas Eve and drive out to an old farm house so we could see the beautiful lights that were displayed across what must have been an acre of land. In the front doorway stood the old farmer and his wife, dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Clause, waving at all the cars as we slowly drove by to gaze at all the lights….



We did this for all her early childhood years but as time passed, the house with the lights went away and my daughter grew up to become a beautiful young mother of two sweet little boys – my grandsons who are now ages 3 months and 18 months old…


As my daughter and her husband enjoy the holiday experience with their two little boys, I know that they are going to begin new traditions that fit their lifestyle and interests as a new young family. Perhaps they will want to travel or bake cyber cookies for Santa or watch old movies on YouTube. I don’t know what is yet to come but my daughter did let me know that the one thing she remembers and will do with grandma and grandpa is load the boys up in the car and together, we will go and see the lights…

I have found the perfect place just down the road from where we now live that I think my grandsons will love and perhaps someday, when they are all grown up, they will remember the lights with grandma and grandpa…

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Deborah J. Stewart is the author of the Teach Preschool blog where she shares her daily classroom experiences and insights on early learning.

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