Printable Christmas Lights Bingo Game

Christmas Lights Bingo


One of our favorite family traditions in December is the Minivan Express. The boys talk about it throughout the year, but especially during the month of December…wondering all month what night they will find their golden tickets laying on their pillows.


Now that they are a little older, they still love the tradition but aren’t quite as enamored with the lights as they were when they were preschoolers. I absolutely love the idea of the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt that Sarah from Frugal Fun for Boys shared, but I knew my kindergartner wouldn’t be able to read all of the words independently and didn’t want it to be a frustrating experience for him. I decided to create our very own Printable Christmas Lights Bingo game that has both the name of the item and a corresponding picture, so even preschoolers can play!


There are 5 different BINGO cards, which hopefully should accommodate most families. Non-driving parents can play or just let the kids have the fun…it is up to you! You can do traditional BINGO (5 in a row) or you can play blackout. I haven’t decided which we will do.


Printable Christmas Lights Bingo


I wanted to make it even more fun and offer a prize for the winner…a new Christmas book that we can read as a family once we get back home! Even though the “winner” will get to open the present, it is still a gift for the whole family.


Download the Printable Christmas Lights Bingo Game here.



I put the Bingo cards on a clipboard and used a piece of ribbon to attach a pen to mark off the pictures, so it wouldn’t fall in the dark car. I also bought the boys some bookmark lights so they could see the Bingo card without turning on the overhead light.


We’re all set for our Christmas Lights Bingo Game on this year’s Minivan Express! I’ll update with some pictures afterwards!




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