LEGO Christmas Puzzles

LEGO Christmas Puzzles


Several months ago I made these LEGO Picture Puzzles with some family photos. My kids STILL play with them regularly and think they are super fun. I decided we should make some for Christmas!


These LEGO Christmas Puzzles are super easy to make and will provide hours of fun for your toddler, preschooler, and even school-aged child! This is the first of two printable posts- I’ve also created LEGO Nativity Puzzles!


Not only are these great for fine motor control, but also cognitive development and visual-spatial awareness. That’s a lot of purpose behind a seemingly just-fun activity!


Download the printable Christmas characters here.

(Artwork credit to Jane&Jo Art)


In addition to the printables, here’s what you’ll need:

LEGO Duplo

Double-sided Tape

Xacto Knife

Cardstock Paper

Optional:  Laminator



LEGO Christmas Puzzles

  1. Print the characters on cardstock. To help them hold up a little better, I would highly recommend laminating the paper.


How to make lego christmas puzzles

2. Cut out the perimeter of each shape.


How to make LEGO Christmas Puzzles

3. Add a piece of double-sided tape to each LEGO Duplo brick.


How to Make LEGO Christmas Puzzles

4. Carefully place the picture on top of the Duplos. Take an Xacto knife and slice between the seams of the LEGOs.


LEGO Christmas Puzzles



LEGO Christmas Puzzles

I accidentally made Santa a little too big and cut off his hand…the downloadable printable is adjusted. :)


LEGO Christmas Puzzles



LEGO Christmas Puzzles square


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