LEGO Nativity Puzzles

These LEGO Nativity Puzzles are the perfect hands-on nativity for toddlers and preschoolers! Just print out our templates and attach them to LEGO bricks!

LEGO Nativity Puzzles

After making our LEGO Christmas Puzzles a few days ago, I decided I wanted to make something more significant to the true meaning of Christmas. These LEGO Nativity Puzzles are an excellent way for children to have hands-on experience with each of the individuals who played a part in the Birth of Baby Jesus.


Children can take apart one of two of the people at a time and put them together…or take them all apart as a challenge for older kids (it even took me a while to find all their matches once my boys disassembled them all). Most of all, it is an opportunity for children to participate (in a very kinesthetic, concrete way) in learning about the nativity story.


The LEGO Nativity puzzles can just be left out for the kids to play with the entire Christmas season or you could introduce each character one at a time. Luke 2: 1-20 and Matthew 2: 1-12 would be great passages to read along with the nativity as well!


Download the printable Nativity here.

(artwork credit to Dorky Prints Design)


Here’s what you’ll need in addition to the printables:

LEGO Duplo

Double-sided Tape

Xacto Knife

Cardstock Paper

Optional:  Laminator


LEGO Nativity Puzzles

1. Print out the printables on cardstock and then laminate them for added durability. Measure out the number of LEGOs that will fit each character. I’ve shown them all in the photos.


How to Make LEGO Nativity Puzzles

The camel was a bit tricky, but we made it work with various sizes of LEGOs.


How to Make LEGO Nativity Puzzles



How to Make LEGO Nativity Puzzles

2. Lay the LEGOs on top of the printables and use an Xacto knife to slice around it. Add some double-sided tape to every piece.

LEGO Nativity Puzzles

3. Use the Xacto knife to slice through the seams of the LEGOs. (I felt quite guilty cutting through the baby Jesus).


How to Make a LEGO Nativity

4. Separate all the LEGOs and continue with the remaining characters.


LEGO Nativity Puzzles

Check out our LEGO nativity!


Joseph, Mary & Baby Jesus


LEGO Nativity Puzzles

An angel, shepherd, and a sheep


LEGO Nativity Puzzles

Three wise men and a camel.


LEGO Picture Puzzles

My boys had a great time putting together all of the people in the nativity. It was even a challenge for them because we mis


LEGO Nativity Puzzles

And of course, they had to get silly with them! That’s just part of the fun…even when you are playing with the nativity.

>>>>> Download your free LEGO Nativity printable here. <<<<<


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Originally published November 19, 2015


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