‘From Our Kitchen to Yours’ Printables

Fix a meal for a friend or neighbor and use this free printable


One of our intentional acts of kindness this week will be delivering a meal to a friend. I am thankful to be surrounded by some really amazing women who have blessed our family with meals during important times in our lives–new babies, sicknesses, and even accidents. I cannot tell you how much these meals have meant to our family. It certainly made me realize what an important act this is for me to do for others as well.

I thought it would be fun to have some cute tags to attach to homemade meals that include any baking instructions that might be needed, so I asked my friend Rachel over at RV Parties to whip up this super-cute ‘From Our Kitchen to Yours’ Printable! Just click on the picture below and print!

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  1. Great idea!
    Having just had a second miscarriage in a row, the kindness shown by others by dropping off meals or baked goods has been so welcoming. The tags are such a great idea-adding some cheer to a (potentially) sad occasion!

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