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Hello! I’m Rachel from RV Parties… and I love parties. A lot. I’m so excited Jenae asked me to share a holiday tradition–so naturally I picked a tradition that’s also a party! Get ready to hear all about our Gingerbread Party Playdate–an activity that can be easily adapted to do at home with family, with a group of two year olds or a bunch of kindergartners. The sky is the limit!


This Gingerbread Party Playdate was a GREAT holiday activity for preschoolers. Aside from it being tons of fun, it’s easy to throw together an impressive party with Christmas decorations you already have and our FREE printables.



We started off the event by having kiddos press pre-made dough into these great molds. (You could also roll it out and let them cut it!) The kids came over to watch (from a distance) as we slid the trays into the oven to bake.



As the cookies baked, the kids reconvened around the table to listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man! It was so fun for them to hear the details of the story mirroring the activities we were doing together.


After we finished the story we went to check on the cookies–but they were all gone! Just like in the story, the Gingerbread men had all run away. The kiddos searched around the house for them–under the tree, in the toy bins around the kitchen… but couldn’t find them! (For an older crew, you could have a grown up read clues to lead them to different rooms to search for the cookies–and even have the Gingerbread men cause some “Elf on the Shelf” type mayhem in each room!)



The kids found their way back to the decorating room and were happy to see their treats.



They quickly got straight to decorating–and even quicker to eating. We used mini squirt bottles so that the kids could apply icing in the least messy way possible and lined up bright colored sprinkles for the kids to scoop on.



How cute are our little chefs in the aprons and chef hats? We swooned over the embroidery that matched our little gingerbread man perfectly. Such little cuties.



And if you’ll indulge me for a moment–here are the goodies! We joked that the theme of the party was sugar… dipped in sugar… topped with sugar. But it’s the holidays, so it’s all fair game!



The treats are easy to keep relatively simple–plain white cupcakes, boxed Pepperidge Farm cookies, and Gingerbread Man Peeps, make for a darling table! If you want to make it a little fancier, dipped pretzels, oreos, marshmallows, cake balls and cake pops add a little extra pop to the party. Our fantastic vendors are listed below–all items are available for purchase if you aren’t up for making your own sweets!



Setting a table has become one of my favorite parts of party planning–glass Frappuccino bottles are cute with labels and straws–and these glass plates from IKEA were perfect for catching stray sprinkles!



In addition to more sweets than any child could possible need, our little chefs took home the Gingerbread Man book, a coloring book (available as part of the free printable pack!) and the most darling cookies I’ve ever seen from J&J Bakeshop. It broke my heart a little to eat them!


Definitely a SWEET party.

Printables, Chefs Hats and Party Styling: RV Parties

Photography: Peanut Butter and Jenny Photography

Gingerbread Man and House Sugar Cookies: J&J Bakeshop

Embroidery for Aprons: Elegant Embroidery by Lisa

Sprinkles for Cookies: The Bakers Confections
Gingerbread Cake Pops: So Sweet Pops
Dipped Oreos, Pretzels and Cake Balls: Miss Lulu’s Treats
Fondant Toppers and Sprinkles for Marshmallow Pops: Cakes and Kids Too

Straws, Favor Bags and Twine: Fine and Dandy Party Shop

Interested in throwing your own party? You can download all the printable items HERE.

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  1. WOW. I was thinking, “There’s no way I’m ever going to do a party this elaborate, but I’m glad there are people in the world who are good at such things!” But then I saw the list at the end and realized it was a team effort, so that makes more sense! I LOVED the photography and saw that this was an actual photographer who did the pics. Very nice. I’m going to ask her on her FB page for photography tips because those are amazing. Lovely party and great work all of you party planners! :) Super cute!

    1. Definitely a team effort! And the great thing about the party is you can totally scale it down and have just as much fun–use a few of the free printables with your Christmas decor and have some friends over for some fun!

  2. So cute! Where could you find those squeeze bottles for icing? and do you have the recipe for the icing you used? Thanks!

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