Homemade Window Cleaner

I’ve never been so excited to clean my windows! I found this recipe for homemade window cleaner while browsing Pinterest. And the best part is…I had every single one of these ingredients on hand, so I spent a whopping $0.00 making this! So much for the $3.47 I would have spent picking up some of the name brand glass cleaner at the store this weekend.

I tweaked the recipe slightly because I can’t stand the smell of ammonia and added a few drops (3 to be exact) of essential oil.

This is what you’ll need:  an empty spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, liquid laundry soap (store-bought or homemade) and lavender essential oil. Go here for the measurements (plus a few drops of essential oil).


Just dump the measurements of ingredients into the rinsed bottle and fill the rest of the way with water!

I made some labels with the recipe. You can download them here. I thought perhaps this, along with the homemade liquid laundry soap, would be a fun homemade gift!

And my back door is looking quite lovely, if I do say so myself…

*Please note:   This post is intended for adult-use only. Do not involve your child in any part of this process. Be sure to keep this homemade glass cleaner, as well as any other cleaning products, out of the reach of your child.


    1. I just use vinegar as well and I agree, it works great and doesn’t leave any smears like regular window cleaner

  1. Along the same lines as Sarah above…I use club soda in a spray bottle on my glass & windows. It does a great job and my toddler can help with the cleaning! :o) A few years back there was a report published by a consumer group that tested various glass cleaners. They found that plain water was as effective as any store bought brand. I read that and have not spent money on Windex since! I have used water in a pinch, but I do think the club soda (got that idea from the book “Clean house, clean planet”) leaves the glass sparkling a bit more!

      1. No, Jenae. It is super cheap (especially compared to window cleaner)! I buy the generic brand in a 2 liter bottle at the grocery store and it lasts me forever. :)

  2. I also use vinegar and water and find it works better than the store bought variety. Have a nosey at http://wendylsgreengoddess.co.nz to see a bunch of free nonchemical cleaning/beauty and baby products. Wendyl also has a book out with some great recipes and a soon to be released book about being pregnant and raising a baby chemical free. Being chemical free is so much fun AND cheap!

  3. I see others have beat me to it: we also just use a diluted vinegar spray. It works perfectly. I don’t like to keep toxic chemicals in my home, even if they are out of reach.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been wanting to try this version over the vinegar one. I’m sure that vinegar works fine, but I believe that the rubbing alcohol is what prevents streaks…I could be wrong. Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

  5. Making your own cleaning products is great, but it is not a very common practice where I live. Most of the people get the cleaning products from the local supermarket without even thinking about the causes of using toxic cleaners rather than using natural cleaning products.

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