"I Spy" Magnifying Glass

I opened a new package of cosmetic powder the other day and kept the round circular plastic thingy inside of it…knowing a use for it would suddenly come to me! And it did!

I used hot glue to attach this little plastic piece to a craft stick and voila!–a magnifying glass.

Now, of course, it doesn’t actually “magnify” but your child will enjoy spotting items/letters/numbers with it nonetheless. Plus, it goes great with these I Spy Mats I recently made! Just what we need for a long car ride…


  1. I am new to your blog and absolutely love this idea (I actually love ALL your ideas)! We made these mats with full intentions of laminating them, but I just couldn't seem to get my four boys out the door at the same time so we just stuck them in document protectors and put some tape across the top. My kids love them even though they are not as "pretty" as they would be laminated! Great idea!

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