Magnifying Glass Valentines: I’ve Got My Eye on You, Valentine

Magnifying Glass Valentines_ "I've Got My Eye on You" Non-Candy Valentine


I know some people are not big fans of Valentine’s Day, but I don’t see how anyone can dislike a holiday that is all about love. We love Valentine’s Day around here…and we love giving out valentines! Little Brother is all about science and geology these days, so we decided Magnifying Glass Valentines would be the perfect non-candy alternative for him to pass out to friends and classmates.


These valentines are relatively inexpensive…each valentine will cost about 60 cents each. The party favor magnifying glasses are obviously not the greatest quality, but they are fun for the kids to use and explore with!


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Here’s what you’ll need for these Magnifying Glass Valentines:

Magnifying Glasses (pack of 12)

Printable “I’ve Got My Eye on You, Valentine”


Washi Tape


1. Print out our “I’ve Got My Eye on You, Valentine” printable and cut out individual cards.



2. Use washi tape to secure the magnifying glass onto the printable card.



Magnifying Glass Valentines

Have your child write his/her name. Easy-peasy lemon squeezey!



Magnifying Glasse Valentines





Check out more super fun printable non-candy valentines here:


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