Mustache Valentines (with free printable tags)

Mustache Valentines with free printable


This might be my favorite Valentine idea ever, mostly because it doesn’t get much easier than this. And if you order the mustaches from Amazon, they literally show up on your front door! I know it is only January 7th and Valentines Day is more than a month away. Believe me, I am not typically this ahead of the game (in fact, I am usually scrambling the day before to get the boys’ Valentines together)…but when you have a baby due right around Valentine’s Day it causes one to think about such things a month in advance. :)

Oh, and did I mention this Valentine doesn’t include any sugar? Bonus!

The Valentines are pretty cheap as well. These Mustaches currently cost $4.80 for 12 packages (with 3 mustaches per page), making each Valentine less than 50 cents each. Save even more by cutting each page into 3 separate mustaches as shown at the bottom of the post (just make sure to download the right size of printable tag).


Here’s what you’ll need:  packages of mustaches, printables of I “Mustache” You a Question:  Will You Be My Valentine? printed on cardstock, and a stapler.


 1. Print your Mustache Valentines on cardstock and cut them out. Staple over the top of the tag.


2. Have your child sign the back of the Valentines (and add a picture of him/her with a mustache, if you’d like).



Option #2:  Save a little more by cutting each package into 3 separate mustaches. Put them in a clear cellophane bag and attach the smaller printable valentines.



What is your favorite non candy Valentine idea???


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  1. Great Idea!!! I am going to start my little valentines gifts! I wanted to ask you where did you get the little hearts? Are these candy or what are they?

    1. They are Gobstopper Hearts (the candy). I picked them up in the checkout line at Hobby Lobby the other day (impulse purchase). :) They make for really pretty decorations because they are so shiny.

  2. Very cute! I saw mustaches in the craft store and wasn’t sure what they had to do with VDay, but your pun made it clear! :-) For my kids, we’ve always made valentines. Nothing fancy, just age appropriate simple craft. At 3yrs, I cut up a card stock into 8 rectangles about the size of a store bought valentines and my son decorated one side with stickers. On the back I wrote Happy Valentines a Day from “my son” and had him scribble for his name. At 4yrs, he painted card stock with valentines colors and I again cut it into 8s and we signed it. At 5, my son cut out paper hearts from all colors and used collage craft stuff to decorate them, glitter glue, stickers, gems, pompoms, etc making each one personalized to what he knew of each child. The first and third ideas took a few days making a few at a time to keep the interest fresh, but that’s what I was going for. My son loves to craft and give. This year my daughter will join in and we’ll do something just as simple for her 3yr old class. We are using materials already on hand so it’s basically free, taking up crafting time and keeping them involved, stay candy free, personalizing to the best of their ability, and giving handmade valentines, which I remember being a thing before the massive commercializations. My personal feeling is that those little VDay things people spend so much on get thrown away anyway, so I don’t want to buy them. We’re are also a PBS family, so my son isn’t interested in all the commercial items even though he knows who they are. Our crafts are not fancy, and wouldn’t be considered blog worthy (I don’t blog anyway) or Pinterest worthy because they’re not “perfect” designer looking creations, but they are age appropriate kid made cards to give to kids. Kudos to you for planning ahead and congrats on the baby! I have a new nephew joining us today. Hope all goes well for both you moms!

  3. Oh, wow, this is one of the best Valentines Day ideas ever! My daughter doesn’t have a little class to give to yet, but we love this pun and say it all the time. I might have to make one for her! Thanks for posting!

  4. These Valentines are precious! My son can hardly wait for Valentines day to give them to his classmates and he is looking forward to the fun of making them together! Thank you for sharing such a cute idea!!!

  5. Hi, Jenae. I love this idea! I doubt you’ll see this in time, but if you do . . . I’d love to include this valentine in a printable valentine roundup on my site, I would include one image and a link back to your site. I’m planning the post for Tuesday, Jan 14th. Thanks!

  6. What a fun-tastic idea! My 6year old and 4 year old boys will love it!!

    My 6 year old wanted to make some mustache soaps for some of his male teachers and coaches, and heart shaped soaps for the ladies. But I never thought of the mustaches for the class-friends!
    I generally get mine from Oriental Trading, but the deal on Amazon looked good!

    All the best with the new baby :)

  7. “stache craze isn’t just for the boys…check out the girl’s clothing stores and you’ll see the mustache art. My 4th grader will think these are great! And thanks for the “where to” on the stickers; I live in rural America and wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon hoping to find them. I pinned this!!!

  8. I love these and the “staches” are supposed to come tomorrow. I was wondering…is it possible to get a version that has multiple cards per page, for the larger tags. Or is it there? This was such a fun idea and I am excited for my daughter to use them. Thanks for sharing your talent and fun idea.

    ALSO…the dollar store has 6 packs of mustaches for anyone interested. They are a standard item that is usually in stock.

    1. I couldn’t fit more than 2 of the labels on each page and have it fit over the mustache package correctly. Believe me, I tried! If you decide to cut the mustaches, there are multiple labels on that page.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your pdf. I think this is a cute non-candy idea and so au currant! Instead of stick-on mustaches I found inexpensive lip whistles (also on Amazon 12 for $6, ships with Amazon Prime!) in the shape of mustaches and will be putting one of those in a zip lock back and then stapling the “card” to the bag. This meets my busy mom criteria: easy, homemade, clever, and fun! My 3 1/2 year old will be helping me make these for all his preschool friends, I know he will love to help and his friends will get a kick out of wearing their ‘staches. Hopefully their parents will also appreciate not getting candy from us! Thanks!

  10. I did these, but I got these mustache straws from Michaels that were 6 for $1.50 and I put one in each valentine’s bag from the dollar store for my daughter for preschool. Thank you!

  11. Love this idea! I am a former teacher, & it usually comes out w/my 2 ‘Grands’. I found pink mustaches @ Hobby Lobby, so I was able to make one black & one pink.! They loved them! Thx so much!

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