I Love You to Pieces Craft

I Love You to Pieces Valentines


This simple “I Love You to Pieces” Craft is the perfect personalized Valentine gift for parents, grandparents, and friends! It is also great for practicing fine motor skills because it requires your child to tear small pieces of paper, which is excellent for developing the small muscles in the hands. :)  This would make a Valentine activity for 3 to 5 year olds.

I Love You To Pieces Craft

Materials Needed:  


i love you to pieces craft

1. Lay out a small piece of clear contact paper with the backing removed. Give your child some pieces of construction paper.


i love you to pieces card

2. Have your child tear the construction paper in the tiniest pieces possible. This is GREAT fine motor practice and helps to develop those small muscles in the fingers!

i love you to pieces craft

 3. Once your child is finished tearing paper and placing it on the sticky part of the contact paper, cut out another piece of contact paper the same size and sandwich the tiny pieces in between the two sheets of contact paper.


i love you to pieces craft

4. Fold another piece of construction paper in half. Use a template to trace a heart in the center of the folded paper.



5. Carefully cut the heart shape out of both layers of your folded piece of construction paper.



i love you to pieces

6. Lay your contact paper inside the construction paper with the heart cut out. Use a glue stick on the inside, fold, and press.


i love you to pieces valentine

Looking good!


i love you to pieces card

7. If your child is able, have him/her writeI love you to pieces!” on their creation. If they aren’t able to write the entire thing, at least encourage your child to write his/her name.






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