Valentine Toilet Roll Paper Craft

valentine wreath

This is one of those “crafts” that requires you to do the majority of the work with your child pitching in for a complete minutes on a very specific task. I posted last week on my Facebook page about an idea I had for a Valentines creation…I just needed to save up my toilet paper rolls first. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to. First of all, I wanted it to be red or pink instead of white, but I only had white tissue paper and refused to spend money to buy another color just for this project. Secondly, I wanted it to be a complete heart, not just the outline…but I wouldn’t have finished before Valentines Day because we just don’t go through that much toilet paper. Needless to say, I’m sure you (and your children) can make a much more beautiful Valentines wreath, but this is a start. :)

Here’s what you’ll need:  several empty toilet paper rolls (I used 10), tissue paper, a couple dozen paper clips, and ribbon (or long strips of construction paper).


1. Arrange your toilet paper rolls in the shape of a heart.


2. Make sure you have 2 paper clips for each toilet paper roll.


3. Paper clip the toilet paper rolls together on one side, then turn it over and paper clip the other side together too. (I originally tried to use glue, but then thought to use the paper clips and it worked great!)


4. Place a stream of glue on the ribbon.


5. Attach to the heart.


6. Add more ribbon (if you’d like).


7. Cut a single sheet of tissue paper into 4 equal pieces until you have enough quarter pieces for each toilet paper roll.


8. Let your little one stick the tissue paper into the toilet paper rolls (their one and only job for this craft).


It also makes a fun crown!


Attach ribbon to the top and if you’d like, a message in the middle. I used paper clips to secure the ribbon to the heart as well.


My favorite way to look at it is from the side! I love the ribbon!


  1. Excellent! I'm going to try this out for St Patricks Day in the shape of a shamrock. I know it's next month but it might take that long in the preschool! Thanks for the idea.

  2. i tried a toilet paper roll craft last Christmas. well, I gathered the things I wanted and drew a sketch :) I cut the rolls in half (to make them half as tall) (they look a *little* less like tp rolls this way) I was also going to paint them. maybe some day :)

    p.s. I like your check box to confirm I’m a person SOOOOOOOO much better than those captcha things. thank you!

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